Our Story without Filter!


Our Story without Filter!

When you got to share your own story, you get into euphoric moment. Here is a brief introduction about AIRobotica since, we have set our feet in the social media world recently.

Who are we and What we do?

Well, we are keen to establish a healthy relationship throughout, be it the virtual landscape or the real ones. Hence, we want you to get introduced to us.  

AIRobotica, as the name says most of it, we are primarily into Artificial Intelligence (AI), striving to create an innovative community through the solutions we offer. We staunchly believe in resolving organizational complexities by embracing futuristic technology. Our on-field experience is somewhere close to one year.

Glimpse of the solutions we offer

Intelligent Chatbot Solutions

– SAP ERP Support Services

– Robotic Process Automation

Where are we located?

We are located at Whitefield in Bangalore and planning to establish our roots in Mumbai after a couple of months.

We extensively work on Chatbot Solutions

Right now, our center of focus is on Chatbot, as the market receives conversational interface well and it is going to be the celebrated game changer for various industries in near future.

Do you want to know about our projects?

Currently, we have indulged in providing chatbot solutions for real estate, shopping malls and a couple of BFSI clients. This is pretty much about our organization. But, don’t you think a strong team of enthusiastic and passionate employees make the organization?  

We aren’t different, we are just LIMITED EDITION!

A scrabble that visually represents LIMITED EDITION to convey the essence of the team.

Caption: We aren’t different, we are just LIMITED EDITION!

We are quite confident that we are a deal of LIMITED EDITION. Our team is built with exuberant, eccentric and exquisite talented bunch of youngsters, who have been working with utter commitment and fire to explore millions of possibilities to arrive at solutions.

Open to Experimentation

Innovation takes place when millions of ideas sprout. Do you agree? Well, we never run out of ideas and pop out with alternatives, so that we are always left with a handful of options at crisis. We always believe in working with design thinking approach. Be it our product ideas and product in itself, our strategy is to see from the unseen or untrodden perspective. We don’t just abide by rules always; our pattern of thinking takes a lot of hairpin bends and zigzags. And what is so special to think the way the world thinks? If you think this is different, you still didn’t get us. We dare to think from a fresh perspective. Hence, we proudly call us Limited Edition.


How unique is our product? We have come across this very question a lot of times. Honestly, CUSTOMIZATION is one of the most special USPs of AIRobotica’s Chatbot. We often don’t realize the power of own content. Customization gives freedom to explore and design content as per your brand guidelines and target audience. This way, brand identity and brand image are built and recall value gets enhanced. Just imagine, if the chatbot you integrate can speak like the way you speak to your customers? Isn’t that cool?  

Apart from the above USP, our chatbot has the following features that are worth your notice:

  • Built with Predictive Analytics
  • Driven by Natural Language Processing Technology
  • Deployed in Social Media Messengers, Websites & Apps
  • Keeps Data Secure
  • Provision of analytics dashboard to monitor customer activities

This is pretty much about us. We love AI because, it strengthens the strings of opportunities that are lying on the two different sides of the bridge.  Do you equally love AI and want to create a whole new edge to your business? Please write to us to sales@airoboticatech.com or contact us on +91 9606446409 /9606446406.

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