Fuel the Economic Engine of Small Businesses with Chatbots

Fuel the Economic Engine of Small Businesses with Chatbots

Only because, Big things have Smaller Kick starts. Have you begun your journey? 

Whilst the chatbot buzz is spreading like wildfire, the confusion in taking up them for the businesses seem to be precarious. When asked a handful of people, why they are perplexed about indulging chatbots in their business, I have got the following set of reasons.  

  1. Quite challenging to manage on cost factors
  2. Bandwidth of customers is quite low
  3. How will it add value? I doubt it.
  4. I feel it can be done by another human or a team of customer support executives

But, guess what? We have counter answers for all the queries or confusions they have laid forward.

This is how Chatbots will make difference for Small Businesses

Easier on Pockets

Yes, you heard that right. And you can ask us why?

Chatbots involve one shot implementation cost plus maintenance cost periodically. If you are still not getting the clear picture, here are few things you got to keep a track of:

  • Chatbots are built to handle multiple chats simultaneously, where the 1:1 ratio of customer service executive is ruled out.
  • They deliver messages regularly on behalf of your organization without any delay and does multiple works at a time like, answering queries, collecting leads and nurturing the collected leads.
  • Chatbots don’t sleep. Umm, yep I mean it. Helps customers get their queries resolved any time without any hassle. This way, employing people on shift basis can be neglected.

Sounds cool? So, why fear to integrate one for your business? If you are still not convinced, I have a few more things to share with you.

Improves Session Time and Customer Engagement

Well, this is quite an interesting scenario. Any form of action with the customer within the website or app accounts to increase in customer engagement. How about an engaging interaction with the brand? Chatbots represent your brand. When Customers chat with the bot that’s been integrated with your website, the session time per user improves, which in turn reduces the bounce rate and helps in SEO and Customer Engagement.

Sometimes the benefits you reap needn’t be direct. But, there is a certainty for you to improve the results. Why don’t you try it out?   

Enhances Marketing Communication and Sales Channel

Chatbots are meant to drive customer engagement via its highly interactive conversational interface. This is quite helpful for brands to optimize for marketing communication strategy. How? Well, intelligent bots are built with predictive analytics, which will help brands understand what customers are seeking from the brands. Leveraging on the predictive nature of bots, it becomes easy for brand to do focussed marketing and augment their reach among their target customers. Also, subtle way of up selling and cross-selling is brought into picture through recommendations, as the bots start learning more about the customers.

Sounds like a fair deal, right? Why don’t you try your hands on it then?

Instant and 24*7 uninterrupted customer service

Every single moment can strengthen your business. If you can’t satisfy your customer instantly, your competitor wins. Serving customers instantly matters a lot. It helps in building relationship and trust with the brand with zero efforts. Chatbots are highly preferred for 2 major reasons: one is it is instantaneous and secondly, it provides uninterrupted customer service 24*7 and reaches its maximum extent to help customers solving their issues.

So, do you have a track record of managing all the entities of your business this well? It’s time now to create a whole new world of possibilities and improve your economic status by integrating chatbots. If you are interested to know about intelligent chatbots, get in touch with AIRobotica.

Say Hello to AIRobotica

AIRobotica is a Bangalore based Artificial Intelligence based company that staunchly believes in creating an Automated world. We strive to bridge the world of unexplored innovative opportunities with Artificial Intelligence, where it will establish its hold to solve all the complex problems and help in opening up new avenues for businesses of all sizes. We provide Chatbots as one of our solutions for 8 major industries like: Travel, Finance, Hospitality, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment.

Why AIRobotica?

Our chatbots come with special features like:

  • Customizable for all Industries
  • Built with Predictive Analytics
  • Driven by Natural Language Processing Technology
  • Deployed in Social Media Messengers, Websites & Apps
  • Keeps Data Secure
  • Provision of analytics dashboard to monitor customer activities

Gear up to stay ahead of time and competitors by employing intelligent chatbots. If you are one of the small businesses who have more questions to ask, kindly write to us to info@airoboticatech.com or comment below. Cheers!



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