A lot can happen over Chatbot!

A lot can happen over Chatbot!

Why should one consider Chatbot over Live Chat?

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The most irritating phrase to anyone would be “TEXT YOU LATER.” How many of you have tried chatting with the live agent and have faced rejections? “Our agent is currently unavailable, kindly get back to us after 7 hours. Please leave your email id with us” – 7 out of 10 live chats end up conversations even before the user could start one and there are a lot more limitations that come along with Live Chat interface.

Despite umpteen setbacks with live chat, one can’t deny the fact that human touch is the most comfortable factor. But, what if chatbots could make you feel that you talk to a fellow human and not another bot. Read more to know the steaming facts of chatbots over a cup of coffee.  

Welcome to the Brewing World of Intelligent Chatbot

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Expresso – Makes Interactions Engaging

With cluttered digital presence of millions of brands trying to steal the time and attention of customers, the online journey of a customer becomes tiresome. Chatbots try to streamline the search process and resolves issues thorough an engaging interface. Be it the visuals, or the way chatbots are programmed to interact with the customers, everything becomes dynamic. With Natural Language Processing technology in hand, it eliminates the feel that customers are chatting with a bot. This trait of chatbot helps brand establish a good relationship with customers and also

Comparison: Live chats are designed in such a way that, customers don’t get the sense of engagement or commitment towards the brand.

Chatachino – 365*24*7 Uninterrupted Service

Oops! Did I miss out on the leap year? So, it is 366*24*7! What if the access to information can be communicated without any time gap all through the day? Isn’t that interesting? If you were in a doubt about its feasibility, then you gotta embrace chatbot. Be it early morning, mid of the day or night, when a customer would want to know any specific information related to your brand, chatbots will be at the service to help them get their queries answered. Unlike live chat, chatbot will add value to your brand value and image and makes sure that the brand recall value is highly maintained. For instance, the moment you hear the name SIA, EVA or Ruuh, you are able to connect them with their respective brands SBI, HDFC and Microsoft.

Comparison: Live Agent is online only during the business hours, for which brands end up paying a huge chunk of money.

No Latte – Only Instant Replies

Did you know? Chatbots are highly preferred for its INSTANT REPLY feature.  We approach any conversational interface, either to get our problems resolved quickly or to seek for the answers we have been looking for. Immediate response creates a sense of trust and shows how much a brand values its customers.

Comparison: The response rate ranges from 30 minutes to 12 hours gap. This attribute marks the lethargic attitude of a brand. Customer is left with unanswered queries and lose interest to contact back. Idea of customer engagement, retention and satisfaction gets sublimed.

Automoccha – Promotes Automation without human Supervision

This doesn’t mean that there is soon going to be human resource apocalypse but, improvisation and emergence of unique profiles will be increasing. Chatbots helps businesses create a mark through its extensive customer support by handling frequently asked questions and by recording or resolving unique issues with a proper balance. Best part of intelligent chatbot is that, it gets smarter with time and training the bots is quite easier as well.

Comparison: Training cost and time incurred for live agents is pretty high and live chat requires another level of human supervision, to keep track of the performance and uniquely posed query handling is quite challenging for the Live agents.

Multimacchiato – Handles Multiple Chats Simultaneously

Based on your website traffic, number of active customers vary. So, if your website has a record of greater number of active customers from various regions and time zones, who would want to ask various queries at the same time, chatbots are the ideal ones. Different types of queries for multiple conversations and customers can be answered at the same time without any delay. Isn’t this awesome?

Comparison: Live chats aren’t equipped to deal with multiple chats at the same time, owing to the limited resources appointed to answer queries.

Dynamicano – Gives sole control via dynamic dashboard

Would any brand be happy in sharing their leads with their competitors? If you would want to keep your leads and other confidential information with you, chatbots are the best fit for you. With the integration of the chatbot, you get to access the details of present and past user interactions and every other details users have shared with you. Chatbots help in creating a safe and secure layer, where the data isn’t shared with any other 3rd party. The dashboard gives an insight about leads and their behaviour, which in turn helps in understanding the users better. With Predictive Analytics, bot can be trained in such a way that, it can become an advisor and influencer.

Comparison: Live chats’ dashboard doesn’t give a detailed insight and the data is never secure. The leads often become shared entity, when live chat comes into picture.

Break the clutter and ice through AIRobotica’s Chatbot Solutions

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Caption: Break the clutter and ice through AIRobotica’s Chatbot Solutions

AIRobotica is a Bangalore based Artificial Intelligence based company that staunchly believes in creating an Automated world. We strive to bridge the world of unexplored innovative opportunities with Artificial Intelligence, where it will establish its hold to solve all the complex problems and help in opening up new avenues for businesses of all sizes. We provide Chatbots as one of our solutions for 8 major industries like: Travel, Finance, Hospitality, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment.

Why AIRobotica?

Our chatbots come with special features like:

  • Customizable for all Industries
  • Built with Predictive Analytics
  • Driven by Natural Language Processing Technology
  • Deployed in Social Media Messengers, Websites & Apps
  • Keeps Data Secure

Leaving the guessing work and decision up to you now. Would you prefer Chatbot over live chat? Write back to us to info@airoboticatech.com or comment your views on chatbots and live chats down here. We would be happy to know your thoughts as well. If you find our product interesting, do get in touch with us via mail sales@airoboticatech.com or call us on +91 9606446409 /9606446406.


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